Here’s a little bit of work I’ve been doing recently… (keeps the blog ticking over & theres more to come soon)

I recently also turned my kitchen into a scene from Fight Club, this project will be available soon to see.


Hop over to TDOD to read my quick write up about Blab 13  a “monthly meetup where digital creatives from in and around Manchester can get away from their screens and talk to other digital creatives”, organised by Matt Booth.

*Sorry I have been a little on the slow front for updating, I have been a busy body at work, more posts soon to come… I promise.


Its that time of year again when all design studio’s recieve invites to local Degree shows, and being based in Manchester offers the oppourtunity to get out and see quite a few. I have been doing the tours and took a few photos so I can see some new talent. In a week or so I’ll be posting on the Disciples of Design with a review of all the shows I have been to, but for now here’s a few shots from Blackpool, Manchester College and Stockport. ( I Still have to go to MMU and Salfords).

During my  second year at Uclan, I was set the brief to for a cover and double page spread for a magazine named ‘Thinking Type’. The double page spreads were to be based on typographers who’s work we liked, to which I chose Vince Frost and HN Werkman. I recently bought Werkman’s book titled Monographics which highlights some of his work and has gives a brief description about his interesting life. His art/design work is best known for his innovative printing techniques which involved something called ‘hot printing’, a technique incorporating found materials as plates for pressing. Werkman was arrested and imprisoned by german police in 1945 and excited without trial just three days before the country’s liberation. To anybody who enjoys letterpress work I definitely recommend this as a book for the shelf.

Heres the cover I did in second year, placed in the SU shop(smooth), taking inspiration from both Werkman and Frost. Bit of a blast from the past is always nice.

Detail have recently moved to Tib Street in the heart of the Northern Quarter. Although it adds a fair bit to my journey when riding to work, I couldn’t be happier to be on the busier side of town, however when you work above a bar the Diet can take a hit. Here’s a few photo’s I took of the new studio that will be used in a project we are currently working on…

You can check more of my shots on my Flickr account (Yes another social network I have given into).

I am currently in the process of updating my portfolio site and it should be up and running in the next few weeks, with hopefully a couple of new projects for you all to have a goose at.

Lucky for me, I was given the iPad 2 for christmas, however this became a bit of a dilemma for myself during January as I didn’t know what case to buy. As there are so many out there I didn’t know whether to go for aesthetics or practicality as I couldn’t find any in-between. I the end I went with the Hard Graft iPad Case, and I couldn’t be happier.

When the postman delivered my package I could be more excited, and when I opened the Fedex case I knew I had made the right choice. The case had been beautifully hand wrapped with a key ring sticker holding it together.

After owning the case for 4-5 months and using it on a daily basis, I am still happy with the functioning and even more happier with the style. Was a little expensive but definitely worth it and I definitely got what I wanted for an iPad case, just need to get the wallet and bag now to match.