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I bought a couple of film cameras a while back now and since then I have been trying to get to grips with a bit of analog photography, my way of trying to fight the man(stagram). I bought a Canonet Q19 and  an Olympus Trip 35 fairly cheap from ebay and have been filling a few films since. The feeling of handing a film in to be developed is much more rewarding and experimental then simply changing the filter you apply to a digital photo, this however comes at price. To collate all the photos I have set up a tumblr (another social network to add to my bookmarks) for people to look if they choose – mjarrowsmith16mm. Here’s the cameras and a couple of the photos I’ve taken (more to come)…





Detail have recently moved to Tib Street in the heart of the Northern Quarter. Although it adds a fair bit to my journey when riding to work, I couldn’t be happier to be on the busier side of town, however when you work above a bar the Diet can take a hit. Here’s a few photo’s I took of the new studio that will be used in a project we are currently working on…

You can check more of my shots on my Flickr account (Yes another social network I have given into).

Most days when you look out from the studio all you see is a wet Manchester with a silhouette of the Hilton. However yesterday when taking a look we spotted PacMan running riot in the bottom left window.

Last week I spent a couple of days photographing some of Details past work ready for the website with photographer Ben Spriggs. Over the couple of days, we made sure all the alignments were correct, and from this we have some great shots that you’ll get to see as soon as the site goes live. Ben’s studio is situated near Broadbottom and is based inside a converted chicken farm filled with random props/finding that Ben has previously used in shots for clients such as Addidas & The Philharmonic. Whilst there a farmer turned up with a random barrel asking of Ben was interested in it for a future shoot, and with little gestures like this there is no wonder Ben gets such great shots.

Had a great few days and look forward to working with him again on the next batch…

Last week I went to Paris with the band Patterns. Along the way I took quite a few shots (584)… here are just a few or you all to observe.

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I have been doing some work for a photographer and after trawling through all crap photographers identities I came across some of these very inspirational identities.


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Last night I headed over to Liverpool Pier to check out the projections onto the Liver buildings which was part of the celebration of 100 years of the Liver building and also to celebrate the opening of the new museum.

The projections onto the Liver building consisted of all type of imagery, from gigantic Spider webs to the Beatles the show had it all. Once finished of the Liver building to projections moved of to the new museum with a more contemporary feel.

Check out some scenes of the show  here.