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Every year Rampworx skatepark holds an event named Laced, organised and hosted by Matthew Dearden, a key ambassador for aggressive rollerblading. This year I was granted the opportunity to design and create the the trophies for Matthew. Using pin and thread art, I created trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the three different categories, Pro, Am, and girls (9 in total). The event was insane and the trophies seem to go down quite well, hopefully I can do further work for Matt and Rampworx in the furture.








During my  second year at Uclan, I was set the brief to for a cover and double page spread for a magazine named ‘Thinking Type’. The double page spreads were to be based on typographers who’s work we liked, to which I chose Vince Frost and HN Werkman. I recently bought Werkman’s book titled Monographics which highlights some of his work and has gives a brief description about his interesting life. His art/design work is best known for his innovative printing techniques which involved something called ‘hot printing’, a technique incorporating found materials as plates for pressing. Werkman was arrested and imprisoned by german police in 1945 and excited without trial just three days before the country’s liberation. To anybody who enjoys letterpress work I definitely recommend this as a book for the shelf.

Heres the cover I did in second year, placed in the SU shop(smooth), taking inspiration from both Werkman and Frost. Bit of a blast from the past is always nice.

In December Detail treated us to a trip to Amsterdam to visit the MOTI for our Xmas do. I wrote a quick write up of it over on the Disciples of Design and you can read each post here.

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03


I recently got this App for my iPad and it’s not too shabby. The App allows you to scribble, paint or write on an unlimited amount of sketch books that can each be personalised with a different name and cover. Drawing using the App is fairly easy but I feel that the addition of a stylus will enable me to create some better images. For anyone who owns an iPad, I highly recommend this little badger as it is consistently being updated with add-ons, in which I hope they allow you to drop images onto the pages or even better, allow you to download you drawings as vectors, but I will have to wait and see.

The last few days I have been dicking around with creating my own identity which is proving harder than expected. As the identity will be placed on all website and business cards, any ideas used in the identity need to be seen when made smaller, which is why a lot of these don’t work which is a shame… cant you spot the arrows?

If you know anything about me, you know I love a good bargain. I purchased this book the other day as part of a 3 for £1 deal. Filography is a way of creating images using thread and strategically placed pins in a piece of wood. When I was younger my dad gave me one as a present but this book can let me try and create some of my very own.