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Every year Rampworx skatepark holds an event named Laced, organised and hosted by Matthew Dearden, a key ambassador for aggressive rollerblading. This year I was granted the opportunity to design and create the the trophies for Matthew. Using pin and thread art, I created trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the three different categories, Pro, Am, and girls (9 in total). The event was insane and the trophies seem to go down quite well, hopefully I can do further work for Matt and Rampworx in the furture.








Last week I went to Paris with the band Patterns. Along the way I took quite a few shots (584)… here are just a few or you all to observe.

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I am sharing a house at the moment with a good mate of mine, Alex Hillhouse who is a member of the band Patterns. This past weekend I participated in helping them shoot there new music video which consisted of 30’ish people and myself, stood in a circle facing the band. Using our camera phones, we would all film the band simultaneously that when later edited, would rotate around the band in a cube like effect. During the filming different announcements were made for the circle to move in and out, whilst different coloured filters would be placed over the lighting. Should work well and look forward to seeing the end result, but for now heres a few snaps I took.

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Every time I post I seem to be catching up over the previous week which I do apologise about. But anyway here is some of the photos from the show in the Engine Group. It was a very successful with many ‘old’ friends attending to see what myself and some of the guys had been working on in our final year.

Many  studios turned up such as Honey Creative, Mystery, Nextbigthing, Purpose… to name a few, who were all very complimentary about both the work and the event itself. Food and drink were free for everyone who attended  and the Butter Pies seemed to be a big hit, Thanks to Matt Taylor for that little touch.

Big thanks to Robbie Laughton from Dave who hooked us up with the Venue and hope we did the ex preston students proud.

It was a while back when this was posted, but an old friend Andy Cooke posted about my Cycle Line work on a cycling blog he contributes to frequently called Fixed&What. Fixed&What is a great blog for anyone interested in bikes. Mainly fixed gear, and the culture that goes with it. After recently buying my own fixed gear bike I am always checking it out, and I recommend you do too.

I got sent an email the other week from Jess the senior designer at Wonderlandwpa informing me about her blog. I check it frequently just to see what her and the guys at Wonderland are up to but its a blog well worth checking out to see her work and whats happening in the big smoke.

Simon Mulvaney is a good mate of mine and we go way back. He has just finished a degree in Film Production in Staffordshire University and hasn’t stopped growing. He began his love for film and direction when I sold him the game 3D movie maker when he was about 10 years old and from there he has gone to make some great video’s or shorts…whatever the hell you want to call them. Simon mainly films rollerblading, but has a large vocabulary of different filming technics with a great C.V. to match. I would seriously check out his blog he’s just started with some of his best work on…

Simon eventually  would like to start his own production company and to get started I helped his with a quick identity/logo call Outlook Films which is seen and the begin of the Ireland Tour video above.