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OutsideOver the Christmas holiday I went on a short 4 day city break to Amsterdam. After going there last year for Detail’s Xmas party to visit the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, I’d always felt the need to go back for more of a substantial time to take in the city. On arrival, my girlfriend and I dumped our bags and headed into the city. On the way in, just by chance we came across the shop/museum/cafe/apartment Droog. My knowledge of the ‘group’ was fairly limited until this trip, but since then I have been keeping tabs with all their projects and upcoming work. Here’s a couple of pictures but I would check out their site. Droog.

bookshelfbookshelf02 GardenSignagePlease excuse the quality of photos as they were taken on my phone….


Hop over to TDOD to read my quick write up about Blab 13  a “monthly meetup where digital creatives from in and around Manchester can get away from their screens and talk to other digital creatives”, organised by Matt Booth.

*Sorry I have been a little on the slow front for updating, I have been a busy body at work, more posts soon to come… I promise.


Its that time of year again when all design studio’s recieve invites to local Degree shows, and being based in Manchester offers the oppourtunity to get out and see quite a few. I have been doing the tours and took a few photos so I can see some new talent. In a week or so I’ll be posting on the Disciples of Design with a review of all the shows I have been to, but for now here’s a few shots from Blackpool, Manchester College and Stockport. ( I Still have to go to MMU and Salfords).

In December Detail treated us to a trip to Amsterdam to visit the MOTI for our Xmas do. I wrote a quick write up of it over on the Disciples of Design and you can read each post here.

Part 01

Part 02

Part 03

I’ll be honest and say I only came aware of Eric Kessels when he created the house of flickr images, but it’s only so often that D&Ad put a talk on in Manchester. Myself and Mike Kirkpatrick (3rd yr Preston student, working at Detail at the time) got ourselves a couple of tickets and headed over. After a couple of pints we headed in.

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Last night I was truly inspired by an D&Ad speaker when I went to see Alexander Taylor’s Presidents Lecture about art direction. She was introduced by Andy Cheetham of CheethamBell and Executive Committee D&Ad member, who didn’t hesitate to inform the audience that she has been credited in D&Ad books a staggering 189 times and why wouldn’t he, what better way to grab the audiences attention.


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This past weekend I went the Tate to see some of Rene Magritte‘s work, I was partly hungover but still managed to real enjoy some of his work. I was unable to take any photos in the gallery so I jotted down some of my favourite pieces so feel free to have a look at my pick of the bunch.

Available from the gift shop was these nice little lamps however at £175 each I felt I could make one myself,

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