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When commuting to work the other day I came across this little gem of a mistake…


I had to stop for a second, asking myself whether Network Rail had created an interesting advert or whether some idiot can’t read…

It did get me thinking about the person who had put the poster in it’s frame, and how they must have solely looked at the image and not the text. The Ad itself is a little idea about the similarities between a drill head and a Christmas tree which the poster putter upper clearly didn’t acknowledge. As this was placed in a very rushed environment, it would be interesting to see how many other commuters saw the poster as an image of a regular drill head. like the Network Rail employee? or the amount of people who noticed it had been incorrectly placed upside-down within its frame? To be honest I’m probably over thinking it but it did make me wonder…


Last night I was truly inspired by an D&Ad speaker when I went to see Alexander Taylor’s Presidents Lecture about art direction. She was introduced by Andy Cheetham of CheethamBell and Executive Committee D&Ad member, who didn’t hesitate to inform the audience that she has been credited in D&Ad books a staggering 189 times and why wouldn’t he, what better way to grab the audiences attention.


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Using the Hymn numbers Andy Bainbridge(tutor) gave me the other week, we made this quick ‘poster’ to advertise the show in Preston. We had to make the Hymn stand ourselves from a bit of ply, cardboard and double sided tape. The idea behind the Hymn numbers is to relate to The Disciples of Design and has turn out quite nice.

Preston Degree show 10.06.11.

This time of year there are lost of results being released for design awards, and the Chip Shop Awards always produce work which seem to push a few buttons (often not the right ones). Looking through this years entries really made me laugh (especially the ‘best use of bad taste category), and it shows an alternate way to advertise without being hindered by a client or ‘the man’. Anyway here a few that caught my eye but I feel you should check a lot of them out.


My tutor came to me with a quick job he needed doing for an ex-Preston student who is currently trying to promote a Jeckyll & Hyde play called Hyde. He and I thought it might be a nice quick project that I could could knock out fairly quickly so it wouldn’t interrupt my course. So I have just sent off some of the designs I needs and waiting on some feedback. Here’s a quick preview for you, but fingers crossed I’ll get some free tickets to go and watch the play. The type HYDE is Bodoni with an extended back which I found inspiration in a book of type going back as far as the 16th century, however the type I choose to take inspiration from was only dated to the early 19th.

The idea behind the poster is to show the two different sides to his personality in the play. They still work just as haunting by themselves but work equally as good positioned next to each other.

Yesterday was my last day working for Detail and so we spent the evening round a few bars in the northern quarter which was cool. Anyway before we left work this controversial campaign came to our wear abouts.

“It seems a lot of talent has gone missing from the North West. Well we want it back.”

People can view the video and yes it does have some basic humour revolving around the stereotypical northener. However, the north west should not be claiming that there is lack of creative work from this part of the country (which is a ridiculous statement itself), but create an campaign saying look ‘what we have done’ apposed to the ‘come home because we need your help’, and show how good this area of the UK really is at producing inspirational work.

After working in London & Manchester (I’m no veteran, this is just my opinion), my view is that both cities can produce great work, and can also produce some shite work too, but it’s not about where your from but the work you produce. If your rely on the basis that you are working in London and the fact you live in London, drink coffee in London etc. to make you a creative, you shouldn’t. I feel your work should speak 10x as much as where your from or who you work for.

It’s a very interesting campaign and I am sure a lot of opinions will be raised…

This morning as I got to the underground station, I did the usual pick up the Metro paper. However I had forgotten that my flat mate Ben Tustin (currently working at The Partners) had mentioned The Partners had won the D & Ad award for the Metro Brief, to make commuters smile on their way to work. This certainly made me smile this morning, and its nice to see some of the flowers (pictured) dying in our kitchen.

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