During November, Detail set out to help the month stop being over seen by the idiotic hype that is Christmas. To do so, we created a tumblr that catalogued all the different work that would help us try and achieve the unachieveable. Below is some of the work.

5th of November-
These sparkling bits of type were created with Mike Kirkpatrick, simply using a tripod and camera with a slow shutter speed, we wrote words you would associate with the bon fire night.


tumblr_mvsl18gkF71smorvoo1_1280Have to Wait-
Again I collaborated with Mike to create this little tongue in cheek packaging for the After Eight chocolates that are often associated with Christmas.


Best Before-

Black Friday –

tumblr_mwzeowmhBY1smorvoo1_1280Life of Leaf –
During November the leaves turn or have turned brown and I thought it could be interesting to document the change of colour. I recorded the decaying of a leaf and broke it up into 30 stages, this would represent each day of November. The image taken each day was broken down into an average hex colour and therefore creating the calendar month below.


Here’s a couple more I had a lot to do with –

Sorry Cliff

Old Guy

After the month was over, we sent a print of all the executions to clients who especially enjoyed the project. Overall it was a success and some interesting work was produced.