During November, Detail set out to help the month stop being over seen by the idiotic hype that is Christmas. To do so, we created a tumblr that catalogued all the different work that would help us try and achieve the unachieveable. Below is some of the work.

5th of November-
These sparkling bits of type were created with Mike Kirkpatrick, simply using a tripod and camera with a slow shutter speed, we wrote words you would associate with the bon fire night.


tumblr_mvsl18gkF71smorvoo1_1280Have to Wait-
Again I collaborated with Mike to create this little tongue in cheek packaging for the After Eight chocolates that are often associated with Christmas.


Best Before-

Black Friday –

tumblr_mwzeowmhBY1smorvoo1_1280Life of Leaf –
During November the leaves turn or have turned brown and I thought it could be interesting to document the change of colour. I recorded the decaying of a leaf and broke it up into 30 stages, this would represent each day of November. The image taken each day was broken down into an average hex colour and therefore creating the calendar month below.


Here’s a couple more I had a lot to do with –

Sorry Cliff

Old Guy

After the month was over, we sent a print of all the executions to clients who especially enjoyed the project. Overall it was a success and some interesting work was produced.


Friday night I battled the cold weather and headed over to Salford Quays to watch the hour long event called the Speed of Light. The performance takes place at night and involves 400(ish) runners strapped with LED’s who create shapes and formations around the specific areas giving great photographic opportunities to anyone with a tripod and a slow shutter speed. I originally wanted to participate in the run but as the registration filled up very quickly I was unable to get a place. The runs have been in EdinburghYokohama and now Salford and if anyone fancies having a looking at some more of my pictures they can hop over to my poor excuse of a flickr account.



I bought a couple of film cameras a while back now and since then I have been trying to get to grips with a bit of analog photography, my way of trying to fight the man(stagram). I bought a Canonet Q19 and  an Olympus Trip 35 fairly cheap from ebay and have been filling a few films since. The feeling of handing a film in to be developed is much more rewarding and experimental then simply changing the filter you apply to a digital photo, this however comes at price. To collate all the photos I have set up a tumblr (another social network to add to my bookmarks) for people to look if they choose – mjarrowsmith16mm. Here’s the cameras and a couple of the photos I’ve taken (more to come)…




Every year Rampworx skatepark holds an event named Laced, organised and hosted by Matthew Dearden, a key ambassador for aggressive rollerblading. This year I was granted the opportunity to design and create the the trophies for Matthew. Using pin and thread art, I created trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the three different categories, Pro, Am, and girls (9 in total). The event was insane and the trophies seem to go down quite well, hopefully I can do further work for Matt and Rampworx in the furture.







On the 25th of January, Andy Bainbridge invited me into my old University (Preston) to discuss with the 2nd years about my placement year and how it helped me after graduating. I made a short 4o minute presentation on my ‘journey’ from prepping my portfolio, to interviewing, to living, to the jobs, to the social Friday drinks (I probably discussed this a little too much). After speaking I was able to help some of the students with their work and managed to catch up with some friends in the Bitter Suite. I really enjoyed going back and helping out, if the opportunity of a repeat was arise, I would hop on the 9am Blackpool North train no questions asked. Here are a few slides I’ve selected for your viewing purposes.

Preston-Placement-01Preston-Placement-02Preston-Placement-03Preston-Placement-05 Preston-Placement-04

OutsideOver the Christmas holiday I went on a short 4 day city break to Amsterdam. After going there last year for Detail’s Xmas party to visit the Graphic Design Museum in Breda, I’d always felt the need to go back for more of a substantial time to take in the city. On arrival, my girlfriend and I dumped our bags and headed into the city. On the way in, just by chance we came across the shop/museum/cafe/apartment Droog. My knowledge of the ‘group’ was fairly limited until this trip, but since then I have been keeping tabs with all their projects and upcoming work. Here’s a couple of pictures but I would check out their site. Droog.

bookshelfbookshelf02 GardenSignagePlease excuse the quality of photos as they were taken on my phone….

When commuting to work the other day I came across this little gem of a mistake…


I had to stop for a second, asking myself whether Network Rail had created an interesting advert or whether some idiot can’t read…

It did get me thinking about the person who had put the poster in it’s frame, and how they must have solely looked at the image and not the text. The Ad itself is a little idea about the similarities between a drill head and a Christmas tree which the poster putter upper clearly didn’t acknowledge. As this was placed in a very rushed environment, it would be interesting to see how many other commuters saw the poster as an image of a regular drill head. like the Network Rail employee? or the amount of people who noticed it had been incorrectly placed upside-down within its frame? To be honest I’m probably over thinking it but it did make me wonder…